Our Goals

Community Services

Provide Australian community based services with a simplifed and transparent way to reach patients. Improve their conversion rates and provide tangible cost savings.


Recieve up-to-date and personalised information about community based services around their area. Save patients' hours navigating and searching the web.


Obtain relevant, timely information about community based services in patients' area. Help doctors provide patients with holistic and patient centred care.

How Sahya works

Sahya works with your doctor and communtiy services to provide the best possible service for you.

Step 1

Visit to the doctor

Your doctor can provide you with clincial care, but they might not have time or resources to provide you with comprehensive care and support beyond the office. Sahya helps find the right care for your patients that might be difficult to locate otherwise.

Step 2

Recieving help

Community based services aim to provide you with the best care possible, and we help them faciliate this. We plug into the doctor's existing software and work with your doctor to find the best possible service for you. We help community services reach clients and save costs.

Step 3

Sahya to the rescue

Using AI, Sahya works with community based services and your doctor to provide you with the best recommendations. So, you can say goodbye to calling 30 different services to find the right match. We ensure that all patients and doctors recieve real-time vacancies in your area.


Your well-being

We aim to create a safe, and secure service that can help doctors, help you receive the care you need, at no cost.

Our stories

Our community based services, doctors and patients have been satisfied with Sahya's help. Every patient is valuable to us and we are proud of the help we can provide.

Dr. Jocelyn Huang

General Practitioner at Horsby

I love the idea. I work on Saturdays at my practice. I often need to google the community services for my clients. All of the community services are closed on weekend so I can't check whether my client meets their criteria. You know, there are many services and they each have a set of criteria. After that, it's really up to the patients to make the phone call and they often end up not doing so.
This was paraphrased from meeting with Dr. Jocelyn Huang.